Apparently it’s located right inside Keelung, Taiwan; between Ln. 290 and 230, Diaohe St., Zhongzheng Dist. to be exact.

IT’S GOT A LOT OF HISTORY, being part of many major wars (because of this west Keelung has a ton of old abandoned forts) and a coal mining hub in the 60s. A blurb on a travelers blog said this about this location (probably a Japanese gold mine) which is near the area the posted photos were taken:

Shortly before getting into Keelung and close to the mountain near Jiufen we have you come across these old, deserted buildings on the mountains. Not sure what they were but the area used to be a gold mining town so might have something to do with that.

SO YEAH that’s really all I could find? It’s still quite mysterious as there’s no real answers to what the posted buildings were used for and why they have been abandoned, so if anybody has any other information please let me know! NEVERTHELESS it’s super cool to look at!